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All things not seen or heard in the episodes that are not otherwise specifically credited as the creations of others, including original and extrapolated characters, were unique and original to this AU at the time of their creation and posting. Please remember that all characters and situations that are unique and do not belong to MGM, Trilogy and/or Mirisch, or are otherwise credited to someone else, are copyrighted to the author

WARNING: DO NOT EAT OR DRINK while reading Eleanor's stories; they have a high potential for spit-takes, and shooting milk out through your nose.


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fill ins and tags


The Third Kind: Episode guide.
This explains the episode sequence for Eleanor's Third Kind AU and how her stories slot in with it.

Ghosts of the Confederacy: The Night Before the Morning After. Rated PG.
A fill-in that takes place during Ghosts of the Confederacy, after Chris gives Tastanahi Imala's knife, but before they all ride out the next morning, It also raises the question of why Ezra left, and why he came back, and how the others feel about it. It also addresses why J.D is so astonished to see Buck come riding up in the tag.

One Day Out West: Fort Laramie.
Synopsis: This fill-in and tag for ‘One Day Out West’ continues the AU begun in ‘Ghosts of the Confederacy: The Night Before The Morning After’, wherein I offer my explanation of Ezra, Orrin, and Fort Laramie. Its main concern is establishing the continuity of my AU and the past histories of the Seven as I imagine them to be.
Warning – This story assumes the reader will have an intimate familiarity with the series as a whole and the featured episode in particular. Several scenes include dialog from the episode woven in with my suppositions and interpretations; again, I’m counting on the reader’s familiarity with the episode to distinguish what belongs to whom. Consider this both a spoiler alert and fair notice that without this familiarity the story will probably not make a whole lot of sense to you.

Errant Deeds. Rated G to PG, physical chastisement doth occur herein
Synopsis: Takes place right after "One Day Out West". Ezra is adjusting to the town rather like Brer Rabbit ‘adjusted’ to Tar Baby when he gets tangled up with the bereft Potter family and the Widow Travis.
Warning: If you don’t like Ezra, and you don’t like smarm, and you hate saying, "awwww", this isn’t the story for you. If you’ve got a problem with Mary and non-sexually based female/male relationships, skip this one.

Another Day, Another Dollar. (Work in Progress)
Synopsis: Just a little "backstory" for you all to enjoy - and to clarify any confusion over whether this little habit of Ezra's is canon or my fanon, for the newcomers who have asked.
Dedication: This one's for Lee, and everyone else who has been trying to get Vin out from under all of those clothes! (Sort of making up for the fact that he's the one who keeps his clothes on the longest in Mongoose.)

Male Bonding.
Ezra gets nailed by some shrapnel from an explosion and the rest of the boys get to play field medic. A character study, which continues the relationship and interactions begun in the previous episode fill-ins and tags, so it's best to read those first as reference is made to the events described in them. Technically a PWP H/C, it takes place after 'Working Girls' but before 'Safecracker'. It includes equine violence and some bad language, along with fairly graphic descriptions of medical treatment. It's a fairly even ensemble piece, with everyone but JD bleeding at some point.

The Serpent's Tooth - Male Bonding II.
THIS IS NOT A DEATH FIC, she said in large, friendly capital letters. This takes place between ‘Safecracker’ and ‘Witness’, with the idea that there are at least a couple of weeks between this story and ‘Witness’. In other words, spoiler alert! I owe the name of Chaucer and the close relationship he has with Ezra to the invention of – I believe - Kristen, who alas, has no idea who I am or what I have done to her plot mechanism. My Chaucer’s personality belongs to Bucky. The history is as accurate as I know how to make it. Ezra gets the physical munches, during another day at the Boys’ box canyon branch office. Everyone else gets munched emotionally – they all get thrashed in this one.

Synopsis:Your Attention, s'il vous plaît: Okay, everybody, here is where Mongoose: A Sensible Man starts.

Mongoose: A Sensible Man. Rated R for graphic language and violence! updated 8th January 2005
Synopsis: This is a tag to the episode "Serpents"
This story is a work in progress that is plotted in its entirety, but each Act is being thoroughly fleshed out before being posted.
Eleanor is currently battling RL, but is still working on each Act as and when energies allow.

Warning: REALLY strong stuff follows. I mean it: Angst, historical anecdote, and the whole shebang. Not recommended work reading, or anywhere else where you might have to explain your reaction.

Eleanor's notes. Author's explanation of the story Acts, plus her 'thank yous'

Chinatown: A Gentlemanly Interlude. Rating: PG
Synopsis: A fill-in that extrapolates on how Ezra wound up in that rocking chair -- and why.
Warning: This is a fill-in for the episode "Chinatown". It follows the TNN continuity of New Law, Sins of the Past, Love and Honor, then Chinatown. (And like the episode, cheerfully ignores the reality of immigrant Chinese American culture in favor of a Hollywood Cinderella story.) The story is written assuming that the audience is very familiar with the content of the Magnificent Seven episodes, thus they are rife with spoilers.         

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Apology.  Rating: G to Obscure         
Synopsis: A short, unattached tag to "Achilles", explaining why I'm the only person I know who went, "Aaaawwww! Poor Ezra!" after that scene. Story credit goes to my darling sister Christy, for her superb Ezra to Vin translation and for the line in the story; also to Dina, for reminding me of the obvious.
Warnings: Chris and Mary cuddle. Vin and Ezra don't. 

Chinatown: Alas Purgatorio.    Rating: X
Synopsis: A piece of heterosexual Bunny Fluff that decided to take itself seriously. Far, far too seriously! I apologize for the huge mental soliloquies by various characters. I consider that sort of thing technically bad story telling, but it is Fluff!
Warning: This is a Tag for the episode "Chinatown", and a sequel to the fill-in "Chinatown: A Gentlemanly Interlude". It follows the TNN continuity of New Law, Sins of the Past, Love and Honor, then Chinatown. (And, like the episode, cheerfully ignores the reality of immigrant Chinese American culture in favor of a Hollywood Cinderella story.) The story is written assuming that the audience is very familiar with the content of the Magnificent Seven episodes, thus it is rife with spoilers .

X Marks the Spot   Rating: Oh, definitely PG-13!
Synopsis: This has quite a bit of implied heterosexual
risqué frisky business!
Note Bene: This is a Modern story, but only because there are some things I'd like to see the boys do that just wouldn't fit into the culture of the Old West. It's a "character snapshot", a little PWP fun.
Credits: While it is not an "ATF" story, like all Modern AUs it would not exist without the ATF precedent(s); credit where credit is due, and that is in a thank you to and acknowledgement of Mog. While nothing has been intentionally or knowingly duplicated from someone else's Modern AU, since we are all extrapolating from the same base group of characters and situations, coincidental similarities are likely to occur. Whenever my beta readers have brought a similarity that is not extrapolated canon to my attention, I have changed it or dropped it. Many thanks to Lee, who was invaluable in getting this from my brain onto the page.

'Fleets In!' (A romp)
A bedroom farce that depends heavily on the 'don't ask, don't tell' code of the old west. Don't worry if it's too weird for you, 'cause it's pretty weird, but the boys are in character - promise! Lots of implied heterosexual whoopee. One homosexual relationship implied, but not among the boys.
story includes the graphic and violent demise of a chandelier.

Cluckie: The Rooster That Couldn't Crow  Rating: PG to R   
Synopsis: Chris and Ezra shoot a chicken and Vin gets in the way. Not a death fic - if you're a mammal. Rating: PG to R, depending on how you feel about chickens and puking.
Introduction and Thanks: Although based on an autobiographical incident, this story is an outgrowth of writing "Mongoose: A Sensible Man." As Mongoose is WAY too complex to shove into ten and fifteen minute attention spans throughout a busy weekday, I found myself writing this. Consider it something of a preview of some of the themes being used in Mongoose. (No, I'm not going to tell you which ones, as that would spoil the fun of your speculation.)

Dedicated to Derry, who passed her exams and who loves Ezra and kids.

Caveat: It's modern, it's fluff, it's fun, it's racy ~ and it's dedicated to David Beckham! Er, no, it's really dedicated to Barb and Kimmie Lou.

This is written in the same AU as X Marks the Spot.

A Writing Exercise

The Merry Widow

Rating: PG. Some cuss words, and nekkid men.
Warnings: Just some character work.
Dedication: To Lee, who really, really, really needed the distraction of a wet and nekkid Vin tonight.

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A message from Eleanor... I hope that you enjoy these stories. I have had a great deal of fun creating them, and am very grateful to Donna and Barb for putting the tape in the VCR so the Seven could seduce me away from my quest after The Peer. I would like to thank my sister Christy, who tried to tell me what I was missing the first time round. I would also like to thank TNN for its exquisite timing.


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