Your Attention, s'il vous plait:Okay, everybody, here is where Mongoose: A Sensible Man starts. This marks the first great departure of the Third Kind AU from the aired continuity of the series. In order to make sense of inconsistent characterizations, this is how Iíve begun to rearrange the order of the episodes, spliced together with my original stories. (ďThe Third Kind AUĒ stories are in red.)

The Ghosts of the Confederacy Male Bonding Nemesis
The Ghosts of the Confederacy: The Night Before the Morning After Working Girls Rattle
One Day Out West Safecracker Serpents
One Day Out West: Fort Laramie Serpentís Tooth Mongoose: A Sensible Man
Errant Deeds Witness Inmate 78

Other stories are planned, following up on ideas and characters introduced in my original stories. This means The Third Kind AU published so far contains some themes that will be filled out later by stories already plotted but not yet written. Please, have patience with this AU, and treat it as a story in progress. Thank you in advance for your patience and consideration.

As you can see, not every story Iíve written on the page belongs to this AU, though it might look like it. J

Oh, for those of you worried about the Vin coat issue, well, itís simple: He owns two. As far as other hair and costuming conflicts created by this continuity change go, youíll have to put some stretch into your disbelief suspenders and just pick the look you like best.

Iíd like to thank the usual suspects, St. Barb, Donna, my sister Christy Ann, Dina, and everyone else who holds my hand on a regular basis.

Spoiler Alert: Dialog from the penultimate scene of Nemesis is used extensively in this story. If you donít know this episode, you might be lost.