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The Merry Widow

Eleanor Tremayne, Ezquire

Mary Travis yawned widely, covering her mouth with one hand while she lifted her other arm over her head, letting it stretch her tired body out, all the way up on to her toes.

'You have got to start getting some more sleep,' she admonished herself. 'A nap,' she promised contritely. 'I'll take a nap right after I get today's edition of the paper out....'

She snorted aloud at the mental resolution, knowing that while she might intend to take a nap, it most likely wouldn't work out that way. Somehow, it never quite did, lately....

Blinking, she looked blearily around her office, struggling to remember if she needed to see about collecting money for the ads she was supposed to run, or if that was tomorrow ~ or even the next day....

'What is today, anyway?' she asked herself, trying to place herself in the cycle of the week. A knock on the door disrupted her feeble attempt at organizing her thoughts, and she peeked through the drapes of the office out on to her back porch. Her visitor would tell her where she was in her misplaced workweek.

If it were Thursday, it would be Ezra with his miracle of roses, and if it were Tuesday, it would be Chris, with the black-eyed Susans, because he 'liked to make her jealous'. Then again, Vin's ever-changing present of wildflowers that graced her ever-later rising Monday mornings usually returned the favor nicely....

Buck Wilmington was at her door, his hat in his hands, a little bunch of burnt-orange field poppies peeping up over its brim. 'It's Wednesday,' she realized with a happy little nod to her guest.


Which meant there were only two more days until the frenzy of Friday that whirled into Saturday, when they were all in town, keeping a lid on the hurrahing of the local cowboys, working in overlapping shifts....

Her smile became a grin as she reached for the door latch. Ezra was especially enthusiastic on Saturday mornings, his spirits rather raised by the income he'd garnered while protecting her little four corners of the world. Of course, the competition of Mr. Larabee's presence didn't serve to dampen either man's ardor....

Opening the door to the best hug in the continental United States, she giggled, and thanked heaven that Sunday was a day of rest.


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